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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow fun

Had more snow today and all the schools are shut much to Nathan's and Callum's delight.
Went down to Asda this morning to get Marcus his first pair of wellies and the only ones they had in his size were Pepper Pig. Poor child I hope he won't hold it against me for ever. Mind you when he goes out to play with sky, Kay and Charlie(female also) he will fit in well as they all have pepper pig wellies too. So they can call them selves the pepper pig wellie gang...lol ! Oh dear I think I had better stop here....
Thanks for stopping by and stay safe no matter where you are


Nettie said...

that's the cutest little snowman I have ever seen!

Max said...

Hi Nicci,
Just popped by to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message.
My daughter would be so jealous of all that snow ... it seems to have bypassed us in Fife as we've only had a couple of inches and even that only lasted a short time.
Am off to explore some more of your wee blog space.