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Friday, 2 October 2009

bits and bobs

Not been up to much lately crafty wise, apart form buying something to put all my craft bits in tidily , (thank you IKEA) but did make this necklace. I bought the Turquoise nuggets locally and the tubes from a bead shop online, hope I remember where as I want some more.

The weather was so lovely today we walked to the shop. The walk took us over an hour as we got distracted by the leaf piles ... do you remember kicking your way through them when you were a kid walking to school... bet you still do now :) I know i do but i do have a nearly 2 year old walking by my side :). Yes my baby is 2 years old next Saturday !!!!! Where has the time gone ?? Any way a few pics from our walk this morning.I won't tell you about the piles of conkers that are everywhere.. including callum's bedroom !!!

Thanks for stopping by