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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Back in blogland

HMMMPPH second time lucky. I closed the screen down before I published my post !! DHHHRRR

Well am back here after the move, which went brilliantly. Just finding my feet. The boys did 3 weeks at school before they broke up for summer. They have the novelty of catching the school bus here instead of walking or riding bikes. I have unpacked all my craft stuff and to be honest going from a room to a cupboard is a bit of a pain so am keeping my eyes open for some suitable storage.

I haven't done any card making yet but have been playing with my beads. I have put up a couple of pics of some stuff I made this week. Have done some before we moved bu can't find where it is stashed at the moment , when I do I will post them too.

anyway that's all for now,

hugs and many thanks for stopping by