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Sunday, 7 February 2010

5 Year wait

Not a crafty post this one but On Thursday Myself Ian and Nathan got on a train to London with a rough Idea of where we were going and hoping we could work out the underground map once we got there (HAHAHAHA). We had to get to Wembly arena as we had tickets for Rammsteins new tour. Getting off at Kings cross and not a clue as where to go next, we spoke to the nearest BR guy who told us get on this tube, off that tube, onto this tube etc.... Confused ?? doesn't even begin to cover it!. once in the Tube station we spoke to a nice BR lady who told us oh only one tube 5 stops along and get off, she even took us to the right platform.

We exited Wembly Park station to be greeted by the great sight of wembly arch and stadium

Yeahhh we had got there and so simple. See always ask a woman for directions :)
After a 5 years gap we were off to see Rammstein again, and wow what a show, the wait was most definitely worth it .

We had seating tickets this time instead of standing ( never again it felt so wrong to be sat down) and if we had been any higher we would have needed an oxygen mask....

Hearing is now back to normal and can't wait to see them again .