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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Get well soon

I made this card last night for a friends baby granddaughter who is very poorly in hospital at the moment.So whilst your passing through if you can spare a little thought or a prayer for her it will be gratefully received and appreciated



I made the images from some dies i had

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Just Like A Bus

Nothing for ages then 3 at once...lol These are 3 cards i made for my mum to give to her 3 friends who are going into hospital over the next few weeks.To keep things quick and simple i used the same image coloured in with prisma pencils just used different colour ways. Still have a few more to make 2 more get well cards ( seem to be having a run on them at the moment) a birthday card or 2 and a thinking of you card. I have also had a chance to play with myBeads so will post those later on.

The summer holidays are nearly over 7 more sleeps to go. Uniform is all sorted and ironed ready for Monday . Ian is away on his usual 3 week jaunt to Cornwall, I should just be getting back into the old routine when he comes home again.

well that's all for now folks, will try to keep a bit more on top of this blog now normality is nearly back upon us


and thanks for stopping by



Friday, 15 August 2008

new Nathan

Nathan finally got his hair dyed today , i didn't know what to expect but was plesantly suprised, it doesn't look that bad, can't you tell he was woken up at 9.30 to be ready to go over to my friends house for 10.15 lol he still hasn't woken up

I am hoping that Ian will be home from work early today or that Marcus will go down for a nap this afternoon as i WANT TO PLAY with my beads.



Thursday, 14 August 2008

Another week gone

and i didn't even notice. Mum came up to stay last Friday and to pick up her new kitten "Poppy" She was supposed to be going home on Tuesday but we all came down with a stomache bug on Saturday, except for mum who was kind enough to Waite till we had all got through Sunday before it was her turn. At least it missed Marcus. So mum didn't go home until today. It was nice to see her, we WERE going to have a crafty weekend, but that went out the window, but i did manage to make a get well card for Ian's mum as she went into hospital on Tuesday to have her toe fused (OUCHH) and today i made a card for my mum to give to her friend for her 50th birthday, Boy was that one a pain to do, i knew what i wanted to do with it but would it do it !! it even broke my paper trimmer !!!! Had a visit from the lovely Ann Marie on Wednesday aswell as she was on business in this neck of the woods, anyway will quit my wafflings now before i send you all to sleep, attached is get well card for Ian's mum



p.s only 17 more sleeps till school starts again

Friday, 8 August 2008

the past 7 days

Last Saturday we went to Nottingham to go and stay with Ian's mum and to help sort out the garden. Where there once was a big pond there is now a raised flower bed, covered with slate.

Ian and callum set to work rebuilding the wall in places and laying slabs around the edge


What do you do with a set of old pond lights ???

He must get it from his father !!

meanwhile on the Sunday Marcus got a little tired out from all the visiting and did the one thing we all wish we could do ...xbye for now

hugs nicci xxxx

new cards

Made these cards for a friend who's mums' birthday is on Sunday, the original one I did for Nanny got a drink spilt on it, talk about want to cry at the time, but i think i prefer this one which is something completely different form the original


Friday, 1 August 2008


forgot to mention Nathan had his ear pierced today as well

New Shoes

Today we took Marcus to get his first pair of cruising shoes from clarks. he is a size 3. the sales assistance in the store were great and they even take a photo as a memento of their first pair of shoes. How sweet is that . He had a definite opinion on which pair of shoes he wanted , he was shown 4 different pairs and he kept giving 3 of he others back to me or his dad and picking the same pair to keep for himself over and over again.