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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Another week gone

and i didn't even notice. Mum came up to stay last Friday and to pick up her new kitten "Poppy" She was supposed to be going home on Tuesday but we all came down with a stomache bug on Saturday, except for mum who was kind enough to Waite till we had all got through Sunday before it was her turn. At least it missed Marcus. So mum didn't go home until today. It was nice to see her, we WERE going to have a crafty weekend, but that went out the window, but i did manage to make a get well card for Ian's mum as she went into hospital on Tuesday to have her toe fused (OUCHH) and today i made a card for my mum to give to her friend for her 50th birthday, Boy was that one a pain to do, i knew what i wanted to do with it but would it do it !! it even broke my paper trimmer !!!! Had a visit from the lovely Ann Marie on Wednesday aswell as she was on business in this neck of the woods, anyway will quit my wafflings now before i send you all to sleep, attached is get well card for Ian's mum



p.s only 17 more sleeps till school starts again


Kim Piggott said...

Hi Nicci, great that you visited my blog and left your lovely comment, made my day. Love your blog, your family looks wonderful.
Love this card. Gorgeous colour and that ribbon is a perfect touch.
kim x

Anonymous said...

This is just lovely Nicci, so simple and so elegant.
Pol x

angelic annemarie said...

Great card - hope it was well recieved xx

Bev said...

One word (and for me that's amircale!!) BEAUTIFUL!!!

Pouky said...

Simple and very peasant. Congrats !