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Friday, 8 August 2008

the past 7 days

Last Saturday we went to Nottingham to go and stay with Ian's mum and to help sort out the garden. Where there once was a big pond there is now a raised flower bed, covered with slate.

Ian and callum set to work rebuilding the wall in places and laying slabs around the edge


What do you do with a set of old pond lights ???

He must get it from his father !!

meanwhile on the Sunday Marcus got a little tired out from all the visiting and did the one thing we all wish we could do ...xbye for now

hugs nicci xxxx


angelic annemarie said...

Great piccies - marcus is so so sweet xx

Bev said...

Nicci, you really do have the most beautiful children!!! Looks like a good day was had by the lads. Love the "he must get it from his father" pic - too funny