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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A great Loss

Say Cheese

(marcus, nathan and saffi)

(my brother with Marcus and Saffi)
Well this past week has been the most horrid I can remember in a long time. Last Thursday I had to send our beautiful girl to the Rainbow Bridge. It was the last thing I could do for her as she had a stroke in the morning, and could hardly walk and was in a lot of pain. Everything happened so fast and the boys never got to say goodbye to her, and neither did Ian as he was teaching down in cornwall. I think we all went in to a state of shock for 24 hrs. It is still really hard to walk into the house and not see her there wagging her tail when you come in. The amount of scraps i have gone to chuck in her bowl and have ended on the floor because her bowls aren't there anymore is amazing. The silly little things that you do without thinking.

She is at peace and out of pain now, although it was the best and kindest thing we could do for her it still hurts.

RIP Saffie you were greatly loved and sadly missed




sue said...

big hugs nicci, I remember the pain so clearly, she looked like a beautiful dog and is now happy and painfree you did the only thing you could

Nettie said...

She was a beautiful dog Nicci, I know you will all miss her but you have some wonderful memories and know she had the best life xxx