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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

truck racing

What a nice peaceful day i nearly had on Sunday, Ian and callum went to Donington Park, to meet up with Grandma to go and watch truck racing, monster trucks and pick up racing.. Callum is mad about pick ups... They both came back rather well cooked as it was rather hot there , same as here really. Nathan was at his mates house over night so until about 4pm it was just me and the little man.

Then came MONDAY ARGGGGHHH . Nathan finally had his braces fitted, and boy did we know about it. I do empathise with him, as any one who has had a brace will know how much they make your teeth ache for the first few days because they are so tight but my word did he whinge about it ...I have come to the conclusion my eldest son is a big jessie when it comes to pain, and boy is he gonna suffer from man flu ...!!!!! I really don't know if i can handle this every 6 weeks for 3 YEARS!!!!!! OMG it doesn't bear thinking about... He wants his ear pierced but i am now thinking ok we have said yes you can have it done BUT where is mum going to go stay for the first few days after he has had it done !!! Me thinks i will go visit on my own with my mummy i am sure she will let me hide out there, mind you i bet it will be "Only if you bring Marcus" ohh yes and her new poppy cat .

WOW What a storm we had last night, it rolled in about 7pm, and i fell asleep just after midnight it was still rolling around. Marcus wasn't very happy about the storm , so we ended up putting some music on (as the rain was so heavy it knocked out the sky signal) and danced round the front room for a while which kept him nicely distracted through the worst of it . I can highly recommend Gabriella Cilmi's lessons to be learned album.

Today is cooler , and i feel so much happier now. I am not a hot weather person, warm i can do but hot ??? NAHHH


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