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Sunday, 20 July 2008

new teeth


as the post suggests Marcus cut his 4th tooth yesterday the 2nd one in a week, but this time he has decided to cut 4 at once!!! So as I am sure you can imagine his changes of moods are amazing(not as good as a women with PMT and no chocolate though). On friday i couldn't go out of his line of sight and if i did i was walking round with this human limpit hanging of my leg !!! Today he is a bit up and down, we are at the stage of his life where the word "NO" is coming into play, you know that phase that lasts at least ohhhhh 18 years ! When you tell him No now, he stops, looks at you then shakes his head, trouble is he moves the whole of his upper body when he does it, and looks so funny, and have to try not to laugh too much if he wobbles and falls over....

Tomorrow is officialy the first day of the summer holidays, I don't know what is wrong with Nathan as yesterday morning when marcus woke up again at about 8.30, nathan came in our room and asked if we wanted him to go and take Marcus with him as he didn't mind. I swear if I hadn't been lying down i would have fell down in shock....lol!!!! By 10am both callum AND Nathan were out of the house !! Shock horror Nathan is tuning into a typical teenager of a weekend if he has got his head off the pillow by 10am it's a miracle.

enjoy the rest of your Sunday



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Bev said...

Don't you dare laugh if he falls over (well okay you can but don't let him see you lol). Bless him, he's such a bonny bairn