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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Me Time

The past couple of weekends I have finally found a bit of me time to play , whilst marcus has been following his daddy round the garden digging up several of what his daddy had planted, in fact the other day I rescued my lilly bulbs from the lawn where Marcus had dug them out of the pot ! Anyway I digress. today I made these flowers following the tutorial on the whiff of Joy insperation blog, so easy and great messy fun to make.

and last weekend i managed to do 3 yes 3 cards.
one is for Ian's dad whose birthday is tomorrow and the others are for the multitude of birthdays I have next month .



sue said...

great cards nicci, love the little boy fishing

Nettie said...

love these cards Nicci and those flowers are gorgeous! pleased you've at last found some time to create, well worth it with what you're coming up with ;o) xxx