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Thursday, 13 November 2008


.... 2 posts in 24 hours....lol I am on a roll, mind you i did try and send a post via my mobile phone but am still waiting for the code to come through so I can link my phone blog so that it will post them on here ! ok here is some jewellery bits i have made and my cute model.

this one above is my first successful attempt at bead stitching. I was taught to do it by Ann Marie , if you click on her blog link you will see some of her lovely examples, so big hugs and thanks to Ann Marie for her patience. Have made 2 more but will take pics of those later .

Below is my lovely little model who tests out my jewellery for me to make sure that the links, knots etc are firm...

And some not so cute pictures of the little monster !!

Wet Wipes - a whole brand new packet - what can you do but take a picture of the little monkeys
Mummy's bag of shredded paper was a good thing to throw around whilst she was off making a coffee, obviously the knot in the bag was not Marcus proof !!
Hugs and thanks for stopping by


angelic annemarie said...

Wow babes glad you managed to do it babes - you were an easy pupil and picked it up fast even with the distractions - keep it up babes xx

Bev said...

They are fab Nicci, love the black and white one but must say your model is the best thing on the page bless him

B x

Max said...

Tee Hee ... he has mischief written all over his lickle face LOL!