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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lesson learned

I bet reading this title you think that i have done something incredibly stupid???
Well I haven't i have done something I am rather chuffed with actually...

After Ann Marie's lesson the other week I have had a few more goes at the bracelet she taught me how to do, but Had a play, using 2 colours as below...

and the using a few more rows of pattern to make more of a cuff bracelet.

Thanks for stopping by
Hugs nicci


Bev said...

Oooh Nicci these are just fab hunny - I must try and make some time to get me beads out again, but I'll also need lessons lol

hugs B x

angelic annemarie said...

Wow you are on a roll and what a quick learner too - a pleasue to "teach" - LOL

Love the colours you have used babes - next lesson sent!!!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful Nicci!
A-M did a really great job teaching you.

Nettie said...

these are wonderful Nicci! you're so clever ;-)

((hugs)) Nettie xx

sue said...

great pieces well done nicci and AM for teaching you

Max said...

Lovely ... you're obviously multi talented and very patient.