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Friday, 18 February 2011

WOW time flies

Bloomin heck how long since I last posted on here?? Mind you I don't think I have made that many cards since may which is sad, but head and heart hasn't been in it much.  I have been making jewellery which I think ha slightly distracted one :) Been up to a lot though, My eldest son started college, my youngest son started Nursery and the middle son changed school...

Went to Knebworth -sonisphere- this summer with Ian and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, were very tired after the long weekend, not quiet got the ability to dance till you drop these days, I loved seeing rammstein play an outdoor gig, but my fav had to be Mr Alice cooper on the Friday, that man is amazing for his age and Papa Roach on the Saturday .Also went to London with my  mum in the December to see A-ha play their last UK date ever on the farewell tour.They were the first band i ever saw live, and that was on their first world tour 25 years ago....OMG I suddenly feel very old, and they were absolutely Brill.

I am finally off to see Duran Duran later this year, never got to see them when i was a young duranie, and the foo fighters later this summer... can't Waite, so much to look fwd to , but the best thing that I am looking fwd to is Ian's return home after a long 4 months away...roll on April. Oh yeah and if you live around my neck of the woods, STAY OFF THE ROADS on Feb 22nd as I am having my first driving lesson for 20 years....lol
So that is pretty much the last 9 months in a nut shell. Thanks for stopping by

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sue said...

Hi Nicci
Lots to look forward to but the best is return of Ian xx