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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Well hello there and good whatever time of day it is where you are.
Have started packing up the house , we sill have 7 weeks to go but it flys by , We had 16 weeks before we moved when we found out and it has flown past. I am now starting to feel like I am living in cardboard box city!! I packed my craft stuff up over the Easter weekend, Marcus and Callum went to grandma's and my mum came down to give me a hand. It took 8 hours to get it sorted and packed!!
I can not believe how much i have amassed over the past 5 years.
When we moved here in June 2004 I had a little crisp box and a carrier bag which was my sum total of craft bits... Now I have a room full of boxes!!!

Have googled our new address and looked on google maps, and WOW what a HUGE garden we have got. Good excuse for Ian to get the new lawn mower he has been eyeing up since last year, and again we have got a detached house, which if you are a parent of boys (especially teenagers and nearly teens) you will understand why I received this news with great Joy. They do not know how to walk quietly down the stairs. I swear they turn into baby elephants as soon as they put their foot on the stairs.

No pics to Post I'm afraid, all card stuff is packed away but have made a few jewellery bits which i will post when i have finished them off.

hugs and thanks for stopping by



sue said...

good luck with the packing, bet you can't wait now, summer in your new garden

angelic annemarie said...

sounds great babes - cant wait to visit you and see your new pad - hugs xx